How to Deny IP Addresses in WordPress

How to Block IP Addresses in WordPress.

Each computer connected to the internet has an IP address assigned by their internet service provider.

Step 1 – To blocking an IP address from accessing your website with unwanted visitors, spam comments , email spam, hacking attempts, and DDOS (denial of service) attacks.


Step 2 – If you feel this is a spam comment, please login to your cpanel and verify the server log by using below steps


Step 3 – Inside the Raw access you will have the zip file, download the file and extract and open in notepad/ notepad++. The access log file contains raw data of all requests made to your website. Each line begins with the IP address making that request.


Step 4 – Once you have found those IP addresses which is involving the unwanted activities , do filter the addresses.   Once done, do paste the IP in wordpress >>  Settings >> Discussion and choose the “Comment Blacklist’ and IP in that text box.


Step 5 –  Now WordPress will block user with these IP addresses from leaving a comment on your website. These user will be able to visit your website, but they will get an error message when they try to submit a comment.


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