How to Convert an Addon Domain to a Separate cPanel

Convert an Addon Domain to a Separate cPanel

Step 1 – Login to WHM panel

Choose the “Convert Addon Domain to Account” tool from the sidebar. There you can see the list of addon domains.


Find the addon domain you need to convert to separate account and click on “convert”

Here you will then be presented with a list of options. Make sure you check through everything and make a note of what the new settings are.

Step 2 – Set the package for addon domain name

Addon domains allow users to host multiple domains under a single cPanel account. When you convert an addon domain into a stand-alone cPanel account, you gain more control over the domain’s resources, such as databases, FTP accounts, SSH access, etc.

Create an account name for the new cPanel account.

In order to select the database for the addon domain, click on the Configure button next to the MySQL Databases option.

Review the warning and click to select Move from the How do you want to transfer your MySQL Databases? options.

Review the notice in the MySQL Databases for “” section and proceed to make your selection for the Database(s) to be moved.

Review the notice in the MySQL Users for “” section and proceed to make your selection for the Database User(s) to be moved.

Scroll down and click the Save Selections button.

Click on the Start Conversion button.

Depending on how large the account is, you may see it complete in a few moments. Otherwise, the status will update once the conversion is completed. During the conversion process, we recommend avoiding making any further changes to the accounts.

Now that you have converted the addon domain to its own account you can manage that website from the new cPanel account created.


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