Fix Data error in File Manager in Orissa web cPanel

Data error in File Manager

The ‘Data Error’ message is displaying suddenly on cPanel File Manager.

If  configuration files do not have proper  permissions, those causes the conflict and and throw error as below in your file manager.

It will not affect your web service and other services.

Now it will not allow to perform any single actions in your file manager >> public_manager and even default system folders and files too.

Example – tmp, logs, backups, .trash

How to fix this “Data error “

If .htaccess file permissions changed to “0000” instead of “0644”, You will get the error as above in your cPanel file manager.

Now we going to know, how the fix this issue?

If you aware of the Filezilla, please access the account via FTP connection.

If you not of Filezilla, Please CLICK HERE to get the guidance.

FileZilla is a FTP client (available for windows, linux and MAC) it will help you to upload your website files to the web quickly and you can edit the files too.

Each file and folder has three basic permission types: Read, Write and Execute. If the files and folders of your website are not set correctly, your website and FOLDER might not work as expected.

Now the issue in the (.htaccess file)

So you need to change the file and folder permissions correctly. Kindly change the permission into 0644 valid set.

If you Could not change permssion on (.htaccess: Permission denied), else change the .htaccess file name into .htaccess1 by use of RENAME option in filezilla.

Refer the above screenshot for guidance.

Once you changed the file name successfully, refresh the cPanel page, else logout then login again.

You can see your files and folder in your file manager.

Now that you can know the step fix the “DATA ERROR” in file manager.

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