VPS skills

Commands to find disk usage of Files and Directories

du (abbreviated from disk usage) is a linux command used to find the file and directory or folder space usage.

Step 1 – To check the disk usage detail of wordpress/wp-admin directory and its sub folders. Enter the command as :

 #du wordpress/wp-admin

Step 2 – Now to check the details in “human Readable format”. that is you can see the details in KB, MB, GB format.

#du -h wordpress/wp-admin

Step 3 –  Insert the -S into the du command, it shows the total disk space occupied by a directory.

#du -sh wordpress/wp-admin 

Step-4–  To show the disk usage based on modification of time, enter the following command as :

#du --time wordpress/wp-admin

Step5– To know the amount of free disk space available in the server, enter the below command as :

#df -h 

Commands to find memory usage using linux commands

Step1– Use the following command to see total amount of free and used physical and swap memory in the server.

also use -m command to know the usage details in MB.

#free  or  #free -m

Step2– Use the following commands to get processor and memory has been used and other information like running processes too.


Step3–  Also you can get the same information by using below command.

 #cat /proc/meminfo

Step4 – vmstat reports information about processes, memory, paging, block IO, traps, and cpu activity.


Step5 – To see who is currently logged in and what they are doing on server, enter the below command as :